Freehold Montessori has 3 classrooms

Building 1  (Toddler Class) -- Ms. Millie and Ms. Rachel are teaching the children ages 18months-3years old.  This classroom is designed to give each child a positive first school experience.  It enables the child to feel safe and relaxed in the classroom and aids him/her in forming strong bonds with teachers and friends.  To transition to Building 2 or Building 3, your child will have to be toilet trained and be 3 years old by October 1 of that school year.  This is to align ourselves with the local public-school system. 

Building 2 (Primary Class) Ms. Dipika and Ms. Dina are teaching the children in this classroom.  The classroom is open to all full time and part time children with a minimum of 3 days.  

Building 3 (Primary Class) Ms. Margaret and Ms. Lina are teaching the children in this classroom.  Full time enrollment is mandatory (M-F, 9am-3pm) for this classroom. 

Please note that both building 2 and 3 are Primary Montessori Rooms supporting children ages 3-6. Children need to be toilet trained to be enrolled into the class. Children of different abilities and backgrounds interact and learn from each other in a non-competitive environment. They are given freedom of choice in a controlled environment.  

These scheduling options are implemented because regular attendance is important to the child, the environment and the class.  It enables the children to feel safe and relaxed in the classroom and aids them in forming strong bonds with their teachers and friends.  This also gives children the opportunity to actively pursue their unfolding interests.  Early childhood specialists agree that young children thrive in a secure, consistent environment with a steady routine.  Children adjust very well to this schedule and bond easily with their teachers and peers when they have at least four consecutive days in their community--their classroom.  It quickly becomes and remains a beloved and special place for them. The steady rhythm of coming to school helps create a positive attitude towards school.  It also gives children a strong feeling of belonging to their community that they help create, and of which they are valued and respected members. 

Admissions and classroom placement decisions are based on many factors including gender, age, and a comfortable fit within a Montessori environment as dictated by the balance of the existing multi-age classroom. 

Freehold Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion in the administration of its educational policies.