Enrollment at Freehold Montessori

Thank you for your interest in the educational opportunities available at Freehold Montessori. The decision to invest in a Montessori education is one that could have a profound impact on your family’s life. Admissions policies are founded on the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and in keeping with the recommendations of the American Montessori Society and state licensing requirements.

Application and Enrollment Steps

In following Freehold Montessori’s mission of offering a child-centered Montessori program that produces leaders, Freehold Montessori School’s admission policy is as follows:

1. VISIT OUR CAMPUS: We invite you to tour our campus with Ms. Yogi, Director and see the wonderful programs available at our school.

2. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION AND APPLICATION FEE: Complete the application and pay the nonrefundable application fee of $100. A printable application is available here.

3. ACCEPTANCE: Once the above steps are completed, you will receive notification within 1 week concerning the status of your child's admission to our school. If results of the assessment support acceptance into the program, an Enrollment Contract will then be issued. Please note that no student is accepted without assessment and subsequent recommendation of the teacher. 

4. ASSESSING READINESS (Toddler and Primary): After the Application is received; Freehold Montessori will contact you to schedule a time for your child to visit. At the toddler and primary levels, teachers will spend time with your child assessing their readiness for school. At the kindergarten level, students are assessed for both their academic skill level as well as emotional needs. If necessary, teachers will request a child to visit the classroom to observe their interactions with peers.

5. ENROLLMENT: Complete the Enrollment Contract and submit it with the enrollment deposit of $400 within 10days. The enrollment process is complete when payment is received. This $400 deposit is used as your family's school year commitment to Freehold Montessori and will be adjusted into the last payment of the school year. 

6. TUITION ASSISTANCE: Freehold Montessori appreciates the level of commitment and sacrifice that tuition poses to families who choose a private education. We recognize that not every family can afford full tuition for their students and may need Tuition Assistance. That is why we offer families the opportunity to apply for financial aid. For further questions, contact our Director, Ms. Yogi.

Freehold Montessori reserves the right to admit and retain students on the basis of academic performance, philosophical compatibility, and a willingness to cooperate with the administration and abide by the school’s policies.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for the next academic year begins each year on February 1st. Prospective students who have Admissions Applications on file will be contacted in order by date of application to fill spaces available for specific ages and genders in each classroom. To the extent possible, the school strives to achieve a balance of gender and age in each classroom.

Year-Round Enrollment

In addition to August enrollment, Freehold Montessori enrolls students at all levels throughout the school year as space permits until April 1st. Start dates and transition periods for students may vary depending on calendar events and the individual needs of each student.

Waiting Pool

If our classrooms are fully enrolled, we will place your child’s name in our waiting pool.  We occasionally experience withdrawals during the summer and urge parents to remain in this waiting pool. Applications are valid for one year. Parents who wish to remain in the waiting pool, must update their child’s application and reapply for the following year. During this time, tuition prices may have changed. Applicants who do not pursue enrollment at the time space is available will have the option of dropping down a space and waiting for the next available space.

Criteria for Eligibility for Enrollment

Toddler Program

  • Children must be 18 months of age by date of admission.
  • Toilet training is not required.
  • Prospective students must meet individually with a lead Toddler teacher to assess general readiness before being considered for admission. Students may also be asked to visit the classroom during the morning work cycle.

Primary Program

  • Children must be at least 36 months of age by October 1 of the school year.
  • Children must be toilet trained. Diapers or pull-ups may not be worn to class.
  • Prospective students must meet individually with a lead Early Childhood teacher to assess general readiness before being considered for admission. Students may also be asked to visit the classroom during the morning work cycle.

Is there a transition process for students as they enter the Montessori classroom?

In September, the Freehold Montessori school year begins with transition days. A transition period pays long term benefits to the classroom, allowing children and staff to settle in and accomplish the first goals of the school year. Toddler and Primary students transition by working in the classroom in smaller mixed age groups for shorter periods of time. In this way, teachers are able to focus on ground rules, procedures and individual children as they begin to acclimate to the classroom and prepare for the longer school day the following week. During this time, older students work with teachers to establish classroom rules and routines and become acquainted with children who are new to the classroom. Students enrolled after the start of the school year may also arrange a transition period of abbreviated school days with classroom teachers.

When does re-enrollment take place?

Freehold Montessori’s re-enrollment period takes place during the month of January. Returning students are given first priority and are offered an Enrollment Contract for the next school year during this time.  For current students to secure their status for enrollment, Enrollment Contracts and the $400 Enrollment Fee must be received by February 28th.

At this time, applications will also be sent to siblings of currently enrolled students 18 months of age or older. To ensure priority status for enrollment, completed applications and $100 fee must be submitted by February 28th. Siblings who apply after February 28th will be placed in the waiting pool in order by date of application with applicants who are new to Freehold Montessori.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Freehold Montessori welcomes and celebrates a diverse population and does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, national origin, sex, physical disabilities or sexual orientation.